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Dog Walking 

There are a lot of great reasons to hire a professional dog walker for your canine best friend. Not only does a walk provide your dog with exercise, it also offers an opportunity for a bathroom break when you’re not home. It also provides much needed stimulation. In fact, if he or she is confined to the house for too long, your dog might get bored,
if boredom sets in, it can lead to destructive behavior.

And keep in mind, walking your dog regularly provides a healthy foundation for not only physical activity but for important socialization opportunities and behavioral training as well. However, there's another reason why a daily walk is so important, it has to do with a dogs natural tendency. Dogs need to walk, just as birds need to fly.


So do what’s best for your pup! Utilizing the services of a professional dog walker will allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home. Where he or she will be free of the physical and emotional stress of
a daycare facility and get individualized care according to your specifications.

Hiring a daily dog walker offers a lot of perks for both you and your pet, and more often than not is a better choice than doggy daycare.
We bring the most professional and reliable pet services to your doorstep! Our dog walkers offer you ultimate flexibility and provide the exercise your dog needs daily.

When only the best will do for your dog, Paws Out, dog walking service provides you peace of mind when it comes to your favorite canine!

Click here to reserve a weekly schedule, or book on an as-needed basis.

Dog Day Care

Thinking about taking your dog to doggy daycare? Doggy daycare might be great for some dogs.


However, it’s not the right environment for all dogs. Often, dog owners assume their dog will enjoy being in daycare. After all, as a loving pet owner you want to make sure your furry friend has a well-rounded
and fulfilling life.

However, putting your dog into a chaotic high-stimulation, stressful environment with humans having limited ability to correct unwanted behaviors; a doggy day care setting can therefore cause undue anxiety and stress for your pet. It can also encourage unwanted behaviors like
jumping on people, or excessive barking.

While kenneling your dog or putting your furry best friend in daycare
is an option, it might not be the best choice. This is especially true if your pet is young, a senior or has special needs. Day care is not for every dog and can even be detrimental to some. The potential negative
effects of hours spent in daycare can remain throughout puppyhood and adulthood.

Paws Out is a dog care services company comprised of animal lovers who share a common affection for dogs. Our reliable and convenient dog walking services coupled with our affordable dog walking prices and unparalleled customer service experience makes us the
perfect option for your beloved pet.

Our closely supervised, fun-filled dog walks are exactly what your dog needs to be healthy, happy and well adjusted. We go the extra step
for senior pets or those who need a little extra TLC. We have skilled professionals on staff to ensure your pet gets the special care
he or she requires. 
Click here to reserve a weekly schedule, or book on an as-needed basis.

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