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Dog Walking

Never worry about racing home in the middle of the day from work to give your dog relief. Take back your lunch break and relax while we let the dog out.  Is your dog home alone, bored...feeling guilty? TLC, Water and love always included! We walk dogs in 90 degree heat, rain and snow. We show up when you can't. 

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How Long

Group Size

Walk Times

We take your dog for a brisk, fun walk around the town or neighborhood. We return them tired, loved and happy; awaiting your arrival.

We walk weekdays (weekends if requested) except for major holidays. We require a minimum of 2 walks per week commitment, and more if you need.

Each walk is guaranteed a minimum of 20-30 minutes of playtime and sometimes more!

You may request your dog be walked with other carefully chosen compatible dogs that are in your local area.

Depending on availability, walk times may be requested early morning, midday or afternoon. We cannot guarantee specific walk times, but we try to accommodate requests wherever possible.

Here’s how we’ve become one of Metrowests' most respected dog walking companies:

Fun, safe walks

While out there having fun, we use only positive-based training techniques to build strong recalls, reinforce good manners, and keep everyone safely together. 


We’ve always strived for transparency in all we do. Working as a team, there are always extra eyes on every service, and a culture of encouraging each other to reach for our A games, every day. We use state of the art scheduling software so to ensure streamlined communication. We are as easy to book as: 1, 2, 3! 

Walking the right dogs together

We screen dogs for safety and compatibility. Whether your dog loves a good game of ball, a fast-paced trek, or a leisurely stroll, we’ll make sure his group mates are a great match for the most fun possible.

More than walking

We keep things moving, engage dogs in play and socialization and basic manners training, and explore different places to keep it interesting.

A tight-knit, top-notch team

We have incredible, dedicated, knowledgeable dog pros taking care of clients and their dogs. And working as a long-standing team allows us to provide the flexibility, consistency, and reliability our clients depend upon.

Responsible park use

We practice good park etiquette. We always scoop poop, and we use biodegradable bags to do it. 

The extra mile

Whether it’s picking your dog up from the vet or dropping him off en route to or from his walk, or staying out a little longer on a beautiful sunny day, we always look for opportunities to go above and beyond.

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